The challenges to develop a 50-MW demoplant for producing syngas

by gasifcation of torrefied biological raw materials

A major step to improve the sustainability of the industrial Chemelot site is the production of renewable hydrogen. Standard production of green hydrogen (via green power and water electrolysis) is not available for the site within the coming decades. Therefore alternative technologies should be found and developed, BrigH2 , based on the licenced and patented gasification of biomass by Torrgas, is such a promising alternative.

A presentation by Willem Jan van Asselt, CEO, Brigh2.

About Willem Jan van Asselt
Based on a biochemical, polymer science and chemical engineering background and more than 25 year experience in various international business environments, developed a solid understanding of best practices for international corporations related to fore instance, business planning, product and technology development roadmaps, project and innovation management.
Having led national and Global teams to success, through achieving profitable growth in various technical market segments based on analysis of complex market and/or technical challenges and turning these into clear product roadmaps and solid strategy / tactical plans

About BrigH2
The aim of the company is to produce renewable syngas including hydrogen (green hydrogen), BioCO2 and Biochar to replace the fossil alternatives for the chemical industry.

Willem Jan van Asselt is speaker at the 2022 edition of the Green Chemistry Conference about gasifcation of torrefied biological raw materials.

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