Iron Power: a clean and sustainable solution for decarbonization of the heat intensive industry

Iron Poweris a clean renewable energy carrier concept that is based on circular combustion and regeneration of iron powder. In this session we will introduce the technology and its ecosystem. We will explain what potential Iron Power has, where it will be applied and what the next steps are.

A Presentation by Tim Spee, Project leader Metal Fuels, Metalot.

About Metalot
The team at Metalot works closely together with national and international companies, knowledge institutes, investors and government agencies to accelerate the energy transition and stimulate the development and market introduction of promising technologies in the sustainable energy domain.

In one of the international workshops on aerosol combustion in the frame of ESA project Perwaves*, I became intrigued by the topic of energy storage in Metal Fuels, i.e. the combustion and regeneration of metal powders to release and store energy. This was in the beginning of 2015. Deep discussions within the Perwaves team convinced me of the potential and to start a new line of research at TU/e on this topic from scratch. Since the time that I drove home with my car from ESA (Noordwijk), where I made the decision to start my final gig, a lot has happened.

It seemed to be an unrealistic dream at that time, so the first few years were tough. Starting a brand new development like this is challenging, because it was very difficult to get the necessary funding and parties together in the Netherlands and Europe in the first few years. But we persisted. We remained convinced of the potentials and that we could be able to create a large Metal Power community of collaborating people from academia, industry and governments. The technology push slowly changes into a market pull trend due to its meanwhile proven potential and increased visibility.

Tim Spee is speaker at the 2022 edition of the Green Chemistry Conference.

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