The 2022 conference edition is under development.

Sophie Wilmet, Senior Manager Innovation, Cefic (European Chemical Industry Council)
Speaker to be announced, European Commission
Erik Langereis, Managing Director, Metalot
Gianluca Pauletto, CEO and co-founder, Sypox
Hans Linden, Senior Project Manager / Business Development, TNO
Willem Jan van Asselt, CEO, Brigh2
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The 2021 edition took place on 18 May 2021, click here for an overview of the conference program and its speakers and presentations.

As the production of Hydrogen is energy intensive, a direct connection to renewable energy sources is required. A lot of research and development is done to create Clean Hydrogen, which can be done in two ways, electrochemical and thermochemical.

Normally, green hydrogen is produced via water electrolysis on renewable power. Electrolysis is an excellent process to capture potential oversupply in green energy production and solve various problems of transporting this energy, however its variable production and difficulty to transport and store provides a challenge for the chemical industry. Therefore alternatives should be developed since one can not solve all the hydrogen demand issues via electrolysis.

This conference program will cover alternative options to create clean hydrogen, which are:

  • The gasification of biomass towards hydrogen and green CO2
  • Pyrolysis, a chemical recycling method
  • The splitting of natural gas in pure carbon and hydrogen

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